Let me start by saying freshwater lakes are a great place to catch all types of trout. Whether you’re searching for giant Mackinaw Lake trout or hunting native Cutthroat or Rainbow trout this page will help you select the best lure to catch trout.

Knowing what variety of trout you’re targeting will help you a lot with selecting the best lure. For instance, the lure that will catch an eastern brook trout in a lake may not be the best lure for Lake trout. Likewise the best lure for a Cutthroat may not be the best lure for a Rainbow or Brown trout.

Scroll down this page and select the category of lake that best matches your intended fishing area.

Best lures for trout in alpine lakes

Best Lures for trout in Alpine lakes

Alpine lakes offer some of the best angling for Brook trout and Cutthroat trout. Although trout at higher altitudes tend to smaller than trout in lakes located closer to sea level they are still fun to catch and are hard fighters. If you’re planning on eating the trout you catch Alpine lake fish offer some of the best testing meat.

Below are some of the lures that have worked well for me in Alpine lakes. I hope they will work as well for you as they have for me over the years! These spinners will also work well for Rainbow and Brown trout as well.

best lures for trout in boggy lowland lakes

Best lures for trout in lowland or boggy lakes

Lowland lakes tend to be warmer than their alpine counterparts. For trout and other game fish the warmer water means a longer growing season and larger trout. The fishing lures you’ll use in lowland lakes are much the same as you would use in an alpine lake, stream or river. You may want to use larger lures as their are likely to be other species like bass or perch that you can catch as well.

The most common trout found in lowland lakes are Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brook trout in small numbers. The possibility of larger trout means larger minnow imitating lures may be effective.