Saltwater estuaries and tidewaters can be a great place to find trout and juvenile salmon. The lures you’ll have to use to target trout in saltwater are only slightly different than those used to catch them in rivers and lakes.

The most common trout to catch in the saltwater on the West Coast is a sea run Cutthroat. They can be found near shore and are easily caught using a fly or lure that imitates the bait fish which are their primary food source. You may also catch juvenile sea run Rainbow trout (Steelhead) at some times of year. Any spinner with fishy coloring will do. Any of the trout lures listed below will work well in saltwater trout fishing situations.

Remember, always clean your reels and lures after fishing in saltwater otherwise you risk corrosion damage. I have ruined plenty of spinners by forgetting to rinse them thoroughly in fresh water.